Melk quotum al in 2008 verruimd?

fischer boel

Dat Mariann Fischer Boel voorstander is van het afschaffen van de melkquota is geen geheim. Op 7 september schreef ze echter nog over een “zachte landing” tot 2015:

… I have made it very plain that we should abolish milk quotas by 2015 – they are an anachronism in the post-reform world, where farmers should be able to adjust rapidly to changing market circumstances. It is also wrong that young farmers in some countries have to fork out a small fortune just to buy a quota.

But we need a soft landing. We can’t simply get rid of quotas from one day to the next. That is why I believe the most realistic option is a gradual increase in quotas leading up to 2015. This is a discussion we must have in next year’s CAP Health Check.

Deze maand, op 2 oktober, is ze nog duidelijker. Na een inleiding over hoe snel het kan gaan in de europese landbouwpolitiek (naar aanleiding van de afschaffing braakregeling) laat ze duidelijk blijken dat wat haar betreft de melkquota snel uitgebreid kunnen worden, misschien al in april 2008:

If further evidence were needed of our willingness to move rapidly when the situation requires, I would point to last week’s debate among farm ministers on the milk market.

I’ve said for a long time that quotas have to go in 2015 and that we should increase them in the meantime. I got a very clear signal last week that this process should start sooner rather than later. As long as the fundamentals are right, I see no reason why we shouldn’t raise quotas as early as April next year. We will see whether this is appropriate once my department delivers its economic analysis of the dairy market in December.

For me as Agriculture Commissioner, this positive attitude among ministers is very
encouraging as we put the finishing touches to our proposals for the ‘Health Check’, which will be published on 20th November.

Dus 20 november weten we misschien iets meer.
(bron voor foto en quotes: blog Fischer Boel)


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